Rebel Food Nurse: My New and Improved Food Training Program

So I am going to say something- and it’s from a place of strength, but definitely a little frustration and sass too. First, I will not be answering the phone much today or making calls, except lifeline calls. If you’re on our team of over 6,000 people, you may call my husband for support today. He knows what I am trying to accomplish……….. Lord. Let us pray.
Over the past year and a half, I have written content, recorded videos here and there, posted frequently about my passion for food and health, my Food prep and Food training program, ran in a thousand different directions, valued my work some of the time, devalued myself and knowledge a lot of the time. Under delivered at times, over delivered others, and I realized a few things today-
I have not placed enough value on me, who and how I serve, and how much content and value I give.
As of today that is permanently changed. My March food training program is FULL, April enrollment will be launched soon, and …..
As we speak I am still trying to upload video content from a phone I can’t interrupt calls with, averaging over an hour a video to upload, to deliver a program beginning tomorrow to that those who have paid for my training and my skills. It’s not fun. Technical issues on top of heavy content production is never fun. Neither is taking care of sick people in the hospital. And so- doing something to help others and provide for our families isn’t always “fun.” The little stuff isn’t, but the rewards–they are GREAT.
I have spent countless hours over a year and a half trying to figure out technical issues, recording video content, and figuring out how to use writing programs so I can teach what I know. I’ve hired coaches, had melt downs, quit on and off from frustration, placed hundreds of people in my groups for free, and have so undervalued all my efforts, my time, and my work- and MOST of it because of time management, lack of organization, and my majorly HUGE technical challenges. This year I hired a business coach, and have leaned on my husband for his management skills. He organized my program into educational segments. Kebie has organized my mind, listened to my emotions, and reminded me to overcome. Will reminds me I will win.
Very little do people understand the tireless, endless efforts of true entrepreneuership, coaching and training programs, and leadership. Let alone, all that combined with single momhood, a full time career, and well…..people tell me their lives are busy. I get it. But today, I really GET it. And with that, I also get my own major value. I’m not trying to toot my horn, or float my own boat- I am saying I work HARD, and I haven’t valued myself enough. That is not an error I will make any longer.
I have spent another up all night, with LOTS of technical issues, many things still incomplete, but I am committed to delivering better than ever without giving away every free moment of my time.
I will no longer give away all my knowledge and hours upon hours of labor for free to benefit someone who tries to induce guilt or wants a handout. I appreciate all who find value in what I teach. I am committed to serving the masses SO MUCH BETTER, but in small groups that I can hand hold through REAL CHANGES. We all need a program and a trainer. I’m the only great one I know for food and health- teaching hands on in the kitchen, and this county can’t afford for me to quit anymore over stupid horrible technical issues. If I can overcome and win, we all can. Little meltdowns and fatigue on occasion are allowed.
Ps: Last night, Ry tried to find me a mouse to use for the computer to help me out, and today Carter educated me on buying more memory for my phone. My boys are watching a mompreneuer. Pss: I deleted over 16,000 photos today on my phone.