The truth about cancer… From this Hopsice nurse

There are two ways to be fooled: to believe what isn’t true and to refuse to believe the truth. 

Unfortunately when it comes to cancer and chronic disease, most would rather feel angry and search for the cure rather than to seek the cause and fix the root. 

We are all victims of a rich country who feasts on the poorest of foods, yet we cry outrage when someone we love gets cancer. And of course we do, it devastates nearly half our population, and there’s NO one immune to its effects on families. Yet. We FAIL to fix the roots. We all KNOW food either contributes to health or disease. 

So, you aren’t the only one fighting some type of poor food addiction. I do. We ALL do. I am no better than my neighbor I stand next to. 

It hurts my heart as a nurse to see where health has deteriorated to. How we donate to cancer cures and pat ourselves on the back instead of taking a little time to educate and prepare foods that fuel our families health. We neglect the root and scream outrage instead. 

I will FOREVER be fighting against what I didn’t fuel my body with for the first 35 years of my life. I will FOREVER be fighting FOR mine, and my children’s health and teaching them better habits, and I will ALWAYS walk the line imperfectly -as I do BOTH. 

It’s not okay to stay blind to truth, or to not seek it out, or to close your mind to what may seem “extreme,” simply because you’ve been taught another way. I promise you this: God expects you to take care of your body and how you treat it is a direct respect for HIM. 

He gave you LIFE. You experience everything through your mortal body.

I don’t mean to get all “preachy and religious” but when we talk about pink pancakes, more chemical cures, and even endorse obesity as acceptable, we shame ourselves. Strong words I know. You know me. Again, I fight the same things we ALL do. But as I MINISTER to dying people on a daily basis, I can’t NOT speak truth, share what I’ve learned, do more to teach health and to be healthy. 

I will not shut up or lay down my fight, or my thoughts. My HOPE is, something I say will help promote a change or awareness in you. And if that is all, I have contributed positively. 

Truth hurts when we want to stay blind. 

 I HIGHLY encourage you to turn off main stream TV and media shows and tune into your body, the earth, God, and this:
We can fight our way back to a healthier people. First: there must be honesty and desire.




One thought on “The truth about cancer… From this Hopsice nurse

  1. Kori Fisher says:

    haven’t read the article yet – but omg, I LOVE this picture!!! what an awesome use for Indian henna art talents…
    thanks for posting


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